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Uwatec Smart com console.
Category For Sale
Sub category Consoles
Title Uwatec Smart com console.
Short description This console includes a fully working decompression
diving computer and a compass. Worth 498 euro new.
Price 220 euro
Details Scuba diving ireland. Gear Equipment. Dive centre. center.
Preferred Contact 0876801019 or email me on Michalwoj08@vp.pl
Location Cork
Additional information Uwatec Smart Com:

Smart COM has been engineered for divers who prefer to host all their information in a console. The console-s sensor receives data via a traditional hose attached to the first stage regulator. It includes a dive planner and features infrared technology for data downloading through Smart TRAK. Its memory holds dive profile information of up to 50 hours, stored in 4 second sampling rates. The Smart COM includes a Quick Connect feature for added convenience.

Algorithm & Safety

Adaptive algorithm (ZH-l8 ADT MB)

* This exclusive UWATEC algorithm increases safety and optimizes bottom time by constantly adjusting the decompression plan during the dive when risk factors like cold water, high workload, fast ascents or the potential for formation of micro bubbles are detected.

Micro bubble Suppression Technology

* Select one of six micro bubble suppression levels to minimize critical micro bubble formation from single or
repetitive exposures.

Nitrox & Gas Integration

Nitrox compatibility 21 - 100%

* Customize your MoD and ppo2max (14 - 28 psi) at the time of o2 mix setting (in 1% increments). In case of decompression tanks, set the depth switch based on your personal preferences..

True Remaining Bottom Time (RBT) Calculation (Patented)

* Combines breathing data, depth, temperature and decompression forecast in a powerful calculation that allows the diver to perform a safe ascent, including all ascents and decompression obligations, with the tank currently in use and to reachthe surface with the predetermined tank reserve

4350 PSI Compatibility

* For use with high-pressure tanks

Functions & Display

Displays all Essential Dive Information

* The large display presents logically arranged information clearly at a glance,

Gauge Mode

* Technical depth gauge function to 131 yards.

Numerous Warnings

* Increased safety and vigilance by audible maximum depth alarm, fast ascent alarm and many more (can be selectively turned off).

Dive Planner

User Adjustable Illuminated Display
Replaceable Screen Protector
Data Transfer & Memory
50 Hours of Profile Storage at 4-second Sampling Rate
* Ensures you will never lose a dive log; high sampling rate preserves all details about the dives.
99 Dive On-Board Logbook
* Quick access to basic logbook information directly on the dive computer.
Infrared Technology
* Wireless data transfer of dive profile information to PC, MAC or PDA via Smart TRAK, J-Trak or Travel TRAK software respectively.

Algorithm: ZHL8 ADT MB
Number of Tissues: 8
Half times: 5 to 640 min
MB levels: Yes + Management
PMG - Predictive Multi Gas: No
True Remaining Bottom Time calculation: Yes
300bar compatibility: Yes
Ascent speed: Variable
Stop watch function: No
On/Off: Automatic
Buttons / Wet contacts: Wet Contacts
Max depth: 393 feet (120 meters)
Working Temperature (C): 14F - 122F (-10C - 50C)
Max altitude: 13123 feet (4000 meters)
Altitude settings: Automatic
Calibration: Fresh Water
Memory - Logbook: Yes
Memory - History: Yes
Memory capacity - Sampling: 50 hours - 4 sec
Alarm - Depth: Yes
Alarm - Time: Yes
Personal settings: Yes
Silent option: No
Desaturation reset: No
Adaptive algorithm: Yes
Workload integration: Yes
Nitrox: Yes 100%
Dive planner: Deco Plan
ppO2 setting: Yes- 1.2 - 1.95
Gas integration, data transmission and number of transmitters: Yes- Hose transmission
Weight: 13 ounces (358 grams)
Total dive time: No
Backlight: Yes
Watch functions: No
Stop watch function: No
Gauge mode: Yes via SmartTrak
Reset gemiddelde diepte : No
PC interface: Yes- Infrared
Screen protector: Yes
Current depth: Yes
Max Depth: Yes
Dive time: Yes
Ascent speed display: Yes
No deco time display: Yes
Saturation level: Yes
1st deco stop depth: Yes
Deco stop time: Yes
Safety stop: No
Ascent: Yes
Visualizador de temperatura ambiente : Yes
Mid tank pressure warning: Yes
Oxygen toxicity/Central Nervous System (CNS) loading warning: CNS O2
Multi gas computer: No
Surface time: Yes
Profundidad maxima: Yes
Dive number: Yes
Time to fly: Yes
Battery alarm: Yes
Battery replacement: No
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Date added 21 Apr 2012 [ Last edited by Themichaeldiver on 25 Apr 2012 edited 3 time(s) in total ]
Expiry date 21 Apr 2014
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Uwatec Smart com console.

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Title: Uwatec Smart com console.
Short description: This console includes a fully working decompression
diving computer and a compass. Worth 498 euro new.
Advertiser: Themichaeldiver
Date added: 21 Apr 2012
Views: 1394
Comments: 0
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